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​Business Intelligence is another IT word thrown around all to often.


At it's core, it comes down to a simple concept, most SME's collect data and information daily into their IT systems.

Whether it be through entering in an order into the ancient order management system, or updating a spreadsheet with this months sales figures, the data entered is providing an ongoing source of information.


Data captured not only provides up to the minutes sales information but when assess and "mined" properly can open up doors to all sorts of information related to client demographics and sales information you never thought of.

Most business' rely on a reporting tools within their applications or rekey their data from multiple applications into a "master" spreadsheet, but it is possible to open up these systems and draw upon data you never though existed in a way in which it can be provided how and when you require.

Often the tools to draw the data exist and you just need the help to show you how to get at it.


Why not see whether business intelligence can be use in make your next business decision one based on data rather than "feel".

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