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why us?

​asbits engagements generally start by meeting the business, and focus on their problem or desired outcome from a business perspective.

We take the time to formally document and agree upon this high level outcome with you the client from day one so that we have a target which as a team (asbits and you the client) can at any time assess whether we are moving in the right direction.

Our PRACTICE AREAS page lists some examples of areas of expertise we can pinpoint. That said - we feel the best way to understand our people is to describe what we look for in employing our consulants:

  • Business Focused: we seek to employ those who have proven themselves as diligent in technology, and then have taken the career path and interest in moving into working closely with "the business".

    • Many of our consultants have at one stage or another been successful managers, and or owned their own business.

    • This aptitude provides real experience and understanding of the fact that the money spent on technology must provide a business result.

  • Experienced: We believe that experience; good, bad or ugly that is taken on board and used appropriately is often a more valid currency than knowledge of the latest technology. The person in a meeting room who is able to relate discussion back to past experience can take a suggested approach and:

    • Validate it

    • Throw it out

    • Shorten the time to quantify the risk

    • All of the above ultimately yield time and cost benefits to a business.

  • Qualified and Certified: investment in one's career at the start as well as continued through a career show a passion to improve and a commitment ultimately to the pride in what a person can offer, so we are proud in the CV's we can put forward for our consulting team.

asbits team members pride themselves on being consultants, and their professionalism from engagement start to finish will stand proof.

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