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Microsoft Office
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Microsoft Office is a great tool for business' of all sizes to build tools and solutions to run small bespoke processes through to implementation of full Line of Business applications. Most small business' "cringe" when talking to us of their automated templates, but in reality some of the largest corporate businesses still rely on Office applications to run some of their most critical business functions. But two facts remain:

  1. Often Office Application Solutions are not implemented in a recommended (best practices) manner;

  2. Often Office Application Solutions are written by the company "guru" who on departure leaves an unsupported mess

The above leaves a situation where the business has a great operational solution, but a big risk when either the application needs to change or breaks.

Office Applications need to be treated with a level of respect but need not have you loosing sleep. We can take on the job of caretaker for your office application and ensure that the organisational risk is measured and even leveraged through our experience in taking these solutions to the next level.

WIX Web Site 
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  • Maintenance​​

You’ve spent a lot of time thinking about your website.

You spent a lot of time building it, or maybe you paid someone else to build it. Now you're running your business and need a better way to maintain and update your website.  


Do you know about WIX or maybe you have already chosen WIX  - and that was a wise decision, but you’re not a technology person you’re a business person.

WHY - do we recommend WIX for your business?

WIX makes it easier - no hard coding and no propriety software.

Wix has a wide range of templates covering a variety of subjects that we can personalise and create for you and your business - your brand.

  • With so many special features - such as including an online store, a hotel or training booking system, and an advanced blog manager and so much more.

  • We can help you using WIX as web platform  and excelling at SEO optimisation in-conjunction with Google Analytics and allows you to know the best trending.

  • Depending on the service level you choose - you can also gain site subscribers and send them beautiful email newsletters using Wix ShoutOut to keep them updated on your news. 

  • In addition to all these features, we offer an AppMarket on WIX with hundreds of apps which you can add to your site to take your site to the next level and enhance your business.

Lastly and importantly we know that majority of clicks and viewing occur on a smart device - so when we build your site it automatically converts to a stunning mobile site, which can be viewed from your smart phone!

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