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asbits seeks to service the small business sector by putting in place relationship whereby our success and long term financial gain is only possible through securing that of the client.

The team has been built upon staff who have during their career experienced the "big end" of town, however seek to service a smaller more personalised client base.

We are not in the business of looking after the day to day, rather providing the advice on how technology can be used to support and grow your business.

We are not in business of making margin on selling license or hardware, but instead providing a robust consulting partnership to help you understand technology and where it can assist your business whether it be in helping you decide on your next steps towards CRM, the best mobile solution or in just sitting down to discuss what "the cloud" really means to you and whether it provides anything more than another buzz word. 

iot smart retail in the futuristic conce
Data Analytics and business intelligence
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